Tokyo → Fuji → Kyoto → Okinawa

Cosmopolitan, spiritual, traditional, exotic! From the heights of Mount Fuji to the exotic beaches of Okinawa!

Recommended period:

End of December – Beginning of January 

Recommended for:

Why Happy New Year in Okinawa, Japan?

*We continue below by presenting the recommended itinerary with the mention that it can be modified and personalised according to your own desires.

Day 1 Home → Tokyo

Nihon e yokoso!

  • You’re boarding the flight to Tokyo.
Day 2 Tokyo 

Lively, cosmopolitan and vibrant Tokyo!

  • A day where you get lost in Tokyo or discover it guided by our colleagues. Your list of objectives in exploring the city with crazy energy begins with a “technical” stop at Shinjuku Station to exchange JR vouchers for passes and continues with:
  • Shinjuku;
  • Yoyogi Park;
  • Meiji Jingu – a Shinto shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife; 
  • Harajuku District – a meeting point of urban fashion trends, between eccentricity and kawaii, with dozens of cafes and clothing stores; 
  • Shibuya District, in the evening – known for the busiest intersection in the world, where over a million people gather daily, home to the well-known statue of the loyal dog Hachiko;
  • Accommodation Tokyo
Day 3 Tokyo → Fuji Hakone
  • After a day full of positive but still overwhelming excitement, you board the shinkansen, and after just an hour, you arrive near Japan’s symbol, Mount Fuji
  • If you still have energy, we suggest a sightseeing route through Fuji Hakone National Park, one of the first national parks established in Japan, where we encounter numerous hot springs, lakes, and volcanic islands. This time, we propose a sightseeing route with some fun means of transportation: from tourist trains to funiculars, cable cars and even a boat ride, a route that allows us to enjoy spectacular landscapes, and if the sky is clear, the grandeur of Mount Fuji. If you’re low on energy and just want to relax, no other place can be more suitable than a traditional Japanese inn with an onsen. 
  • Ryokan and onsen – after a demanding day in nature, the experience of a traditional Japanese ryokan inn with an onsen allows you to unwind and relax in thermal water in an outdoor space while enjoying the surrounding panorama. 
  • Accommodation Hakone – a traditional Japanese inn with a spa
Day 4 Fuji Hakone → Kyoto 

Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan 

  • After a day spent in nature, you once again board the shinkansen and head to the former capital of Japan, Kyoto. In winter, this traditional city is quiet, completely different than in spring or autumn when it is visited by thousands of tourists who admire and take walks through temples and gardens, once meant to relax the mind and enlighten the soul. It may be the best place to experience Japanese Zen. Alone or accompanied by our colleagues, for an afternoon in Kyoto we suggest to visit:
  • Ginkakuji – the Temple of the Silver Pavilion, a Zen Buddhist temple built in 1460, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
  • Higashiyama District with its narrow streets and traditional houses, is one of the best-preserved historical districts of the city. 
  • Kiyomizu-dera – the Pure Water Temple, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a history of over 1200 years, the temple has been burned or destroyed numerous times, but always rebuilt. With original architecture, the temple features a veranda located 13 metres above the ground, from where you can enjoy a unique view. 
  • Gion District – formerly known as the pleasure district, Gion still retains its former charm.
  • Ideally, you will arrive in Kyoto on December 31st to participate in the Joya-No-Kane ceremony: the ceremony involves ringing the sacred bell in hopes of dispelling old karma and ushering in a New Year filled with luck. At the Shinyodo Temple, monks serve warm herbal tea to visitors, and penitents are present in large numbers.
  • Accommodation Kyoto   
Day 5 Kyoto → Okinawa 

Okinawa on the first day of the year  

  • Another morning to explore Kyoto with the Temple of the Golden Pavilion – Kinkakuji, the Ryoanji Temple and Nishiki Market, the local delicacies market.
  • In the afternoon, transfer to Osaka airport for the flight to Okinawa and its exotic beaches.   
  • Accommodation Okinawa 
Day 6 Okinawa

Relaxing on the beach  

  • Accommodation Okinawa

Day 7 Okinawa
Discover the secrets of the island 
  • Today, you can continue to relax on the beaches or explore Okinawa further. You can visit: 
  • Ogimi Village to discover the secret of longevity and immerse yourself in the rural Japanese atmosphere. 
  • Sefa Utaki, the most sacred site of Okinawa’s indigenous religion, located in a dense forest above the ocean. 
  • In the evening, you can spend time in Kokusaidori, lively and full of restaurants, bars and shops, or in Mihama America Village, a large entertainment complex with an American style.
  • Accommodation Okinawa  


Day 8 Okinawa →Tokyo

Last day in Okinawa  

  • Relaxing in Okinawa.  
  • In the evening, transfer to Okinawa Airport for your flight to Tokyo. For dinner, we recommend an izakaya, a type of pub where Japanese people spend their evenings enjoying sake and snacks.
  • Accommodation Tokyo
Day 9 Tokyo → Home 

Last day on Planet Tokyo 

  • You can spend this day in Tokyo doing some last-minute shopping or leisurely strolling through the streets of Ginza, the most expensive district in Tokyo. 
  • In the evening, you will make your way to the airport for the flight home.


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