Osaka – Kyoto – Uji – Nara – Fuji Hakone – Kamakura – Yokohama – Tokyo

Vibrant, traditional, adventure, gastronomy, escape!

Recommended Period:

November 24th – December 3rd

What could be more exciting than escaping to Japan during the 1st of December holiday or during other Bank Holidays? We’ve done a bit of research on flight options and found the best way for you to make the most of your mini-holiday. You already know that we don’t compromise on the quality of the journey or its intensity, so we’ve outlined an itinerary where you won’t miss anything relevant to Japan. Of course, any extra day is an advantage and gives us the freedom to show you some off-the-beaten-path gems, but even if you can’t allocate more time, we plan to take you out of the ordinary and surprise you.

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Why December 1st in Japan?

*We continue below by presenting the recommended itinerary with the mention that it can be modified and personalised according to your own desires.

Day 1 – November 24 – Home → Osaka

Nihon e yokoso!

  • You’re embarking on a flight to Osaka and on a journey that will change your life because you’ve chosen to travel with Japan by Myself and our slogan is Discover Japan, rediscover yourself! 
Day 2 – November 25 – Osaka

The beautiful crazy city

  • Today you will explore Osaka, a different kind of introduction to Japanese culture. Your first stop will be Dotonbori, known to be the liveliest district of the city. Here, you’ll find not only a multitude of restaurants with various extravagant decorations and neon signs but also commercial arcades with shops and small izakaya bars. You can have an unforgettable experience overlooking the entire city of Osaka from the top of Abeno Harukas, a symbol of the city and the tallest building in Japan. It’s best to go at sunset when the city is covered in the colours of the setting sun. In the evening, you can walk from Abeno Harukas to the Shinsekai district, an important historical area of the city. The name translates to “New World,” as it was built in 1903, featuring the Tsutenkaku Tower, its construction inspired by the Eiffel Tower. Here, you can enjoy dinner at some of the small restaurants that still carry the nostalgia of bygone times. 
  • Accommodation Osaka 
  • Day 3 – November 26 – Osaka

    From history to contemporary 

    • The first stop on today’s sightseeing list will be Osaka Castle, built by one of the great unifiers of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who wanted this castle to become the centre of a new Japan united under his rule. Next, head to Universal Studios, the first theme park of the company built in Asia. In the evening, the sunset awaits you at the Umeda Sky Building.
    • Accommodation Osaka


    Day 4 – November 27 – Osaka → Kyoto → Osaka

    The Pearls of the Former Capital

    • Start your day with the Golden Pavilion, which needs no introduction, then head to Ginkaku-ji, the Temple of the Silver Pavilion, where you’ll find one of Kyoto’s most beautiful gardens. From there, take a stroll along the stunning Philosopher’s Path to the next temples: Eikan-do and Nanzen-ji, and then wander through the old streets of the historic Higashiyama district towards one of Japan’s most important temples, the Pure Water Temple – Kiyomizu-dera. At the end of the day, stroll through the beautiful Geisha district, Gion.
    • Accommodation Osaka
Day 5 – November 28 – Osaka → Nara → Uji → Osaka

Buddhism, tea and deer

  •  Your first stop is Uji, where you can taste and purchase the finest green tea in Japan in all its forms and visit the Byodo-in Temple, which is also depicted on the back of the 10 yen coin. 
  • In Nara, you’ll encounter hundreds of playful deer greeting you with bows as you stroll through Nara Park on your way to one of the largest wooden buildings in the world, the Todaiji Temple
  • Your last evening in Osaka will be spent in the vibrant city, the second largest in Japan. The Namba district and Dotonbori shopping street will provide the perfect atmosphere for an exciting nightlife, with lights reminiscent of Las Vegas. We recommend trying takoyaki, “dumplings” filled with octopus, as Osaka is where they were invented.
  • Accommodation Osaka


Day 6 – November 29 – Osaka → Hakone Fuji

At the foot of Mount Fuji

  • After a day full of positive but overwhelming excitement, you board the shinkansen and after just an hour, you arrive near Japan’s symbol, Mount Fuji. If you still have energy, we suggest a sightseeing route with various fun modes of transportation: from tourist trains to funiculars, cable cars and even a boat ride in the Hakone Fuji National Park. This route will give you the opportunity to see magnificent landscapes and, if the weather is clear, Mount Fuji in all of its splendour. If you’re low on energy and just want to relax, there’s no better place than a traditional Japanese inn with an onsen. The onsen is a Japanese spa where you can relax in thermal water outdoors, enjoying the view of a snow-covered Japanese garden or a perfect panorama.
  • Accommodation in a traditional Japanese inn with a spa in Hakone


Day 7 – November 30 – Hakone → Tokyo

From Fuji, to Edo via Manga

  •  Today, you’ll board the shinkansen again to make your way to the vibrant metropolis of Tokyo. 
  • We’ll only tell you this much: today you’ll traverse 400 years, from areas reminiscent of Tokyo from the 1600s during the Edo period to the shockingly fascinating Tokyo of passionate anime, manga or Jpop enthusiasts. All these sights await you in Tokyo on the route from Asakusa to Akihabara. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Ghibli Museum, but be sure to make reservations well in advance.
  • Accommodation Tokyo
Day 8 – December 01 – Tokyo

Tokyo animated, cosmopolitan and vibrant 

  • A day spent exploring Tokyo guided by one of our colleagues. Your list of must-see attractions in this city buzzing with energy includes: Shibuya and its famous intersection known for the sea of people crossing from five directions simultaneously, the artificial island of Odaiba and a sunset from the Rainbow Bridge, an evening filled with lights, noise, and colour in Shinjuku, the district that never sleeps.
  • Accommodation Tokyo


Day 9 – December 02 – Tokyo → Kamakura → Yokohama → Tokyo

History, tradition and the future

  • You have a full day ahead. You’ll spend half of it in Kamakura, wandering picturesque streets and standing before the Great Buddha, and the other half in the frenzy of Minato Mirai, the futuristic district of Yokohama.
  • Accommodation Tokyo
Kamakura Kotokuin Japan by Free Spirit
Day 10 – December 03 – Tokyo → Home

Last day on Planet Tokyo

  • Today you will bid farewell to Japan and head to the airport for the flight home, but not before doing some last-minute shopping and taking photos that could make your friends jealous!

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