Tokyo → Kanazawa → Shikarawago → Kyoto → Osaka

Yes, it’s possible to be vegan even in Japan

Recommended period:

April – May, September – December to avoid crowds and extreme temperatures.

Recommended for:

Why Best of Japan Vegan Style?

*We continue below by presenting the recommended itinerary with the mention that it can be modified and personalised according to your own desires.

Day 1 Home → Tokyo

Nihon e yokoso!

  • You’re embarking on a flight to Tokyo. You’ll land on the main island of Japan, in the world’s largest metropolis.


Day 2 Tokyo

Lively, cosmopolitan and vibrant 

  • A day where you get lost in Tokyo or discover it guided by our colleagues. Your list of objectives in exploring the city with crazy energy begins with a “technical” stop at Shinjuku Station to exchange JR vouchers for passes and continues with:
  • Meiji Jingu – a Shinto shrine dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife; 
  • Harajuku District – a meeting point of urban fashion trends, between eccentricity and kawaii, with dozens of cafes and clothing stores; 
  • Shibuya District, in the evening – known for the busiest intersection in the world, where over a million people gather daily, home to the well-known statue of the loyal dog Hachiko;
  • Accommodation Tokyo
Day 3 Tokyo

Modern and traditional Tokyo

  • You’ll continue your adventure in Tokyo by starting the day in Asakusa, where you’ll visit the famous temple Sensoji and admire one of the tallest structures in the world, the Skytree Tower. Here, you can try various Japanese rice sweets. If you’re passionate about anime, manga, or gaming, you can venture into Akihabara, one of the most famous areas for modern culture. For lunch, you’ll taste authentic vegan ramen. In the afternoon, you’ll explore the Ginza district, renowned for fashion and shopping, but its narrow streets hide many secrets. In the evening, you’ll venture into Shinjuku to admire the city lights at night and to enjoy sake at one of the tiny, traditional bars in Shinjuku.
  • Accommodation Tokyo
Day 4 Tokyo 

A day dedicated to shopping, culinary experiences and relaxation

  • In the first part of the day, we suggest a vegan tour in Ebisu, an area less visited by tourists but with a wide variety of vegan options, especially sweets. After a stroll around the area, you’ll have lunch at one of the delicious restaurants in the area and then embark on a sweet adventure to try some Japanese desserts. You can spend a calm afternoon revisiting one of your favourite spots in the city, doing some shopping, or relaxing at a café.
  • At sunset, you’ll head to the Roppongi area to admire the city from above at one of the best observatories in town. Optionally, you can choose a cruise on the Sumida River with a traditional dinner or vegan sushi on a Japanese boat.
  • Accommodation Tokyo
Day 5 Tokyo → Kanazawa

Towards the Gold Capital of Japan

  • You’ll start the day with a Thunderbird train journey to Kanazawa. Here you’ll find some of the most beautiful geisha and samurai districts, with traditional wooden houses.
  • You’ll be able to cook and eat vegan sushi, and visit a Japanese castle and one of the top 3 most beautiful Japanese gardens.
  • Accommodation Kanazawa
Day 6 Kanazawa → Shirakawa-go → Kanazawa

Authentic Japan

  • You’ll start the morning with a short but impressive stop in the traditional village of Shirakawa-go. The unusual architectural style of the houses will offer you a unique glimpse of Japan, as you’ll make your way through these homes, accompanied everywhere by the splendid mountain views.
  • Upon your return, you’ll participate in a cooking lesson of vegan Japanese dishes with an experienced chef. 
  • Accommodation Kanazawa
Day 7 Kanazawa → Kyoto

The old Japanese capital

  • After two days spent in Kanazawa, you board the express train and head to the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto. This traditional city is visited by thousands of tourists who admire and take walks through temples and gardens, once meant to relax the mind and illuminate the soul. It may be the best place to experience Japanese Zen.
  • The Higashiyama District, with its narrow streets and traditional houses, is one of the best-preserved historical neighbourhoods in the city.
  • Kiyomizu-dera – the Temple of Pure Water, also a UNESCO heritage site, with a history of over 1200 years. The temple has been burned or destroyed many times, but always rebuilt. With its original architecture, the temple features a veranda located 13 metres above the ground, from where you can enjoy a unique view.
  • End the day with a bit of hiking on the mountain that houses the Fushimi Inari Shrine, known for its thousands of large vermilion torii gates positioned side by side.
  • Accommodation Kyoto
Day 8 Kyoto

Bamboo and Zen

  • The morning of this day is dedicated to two temples, Kinkakuji and Ryoanji, in the northern part of Kyoto.
  • Then you’ll head to Arashiyama, a place cherished for its mountain views since the Heian Period.
  • Rent a kimono and take a stroll through the Zen gardens of Tenryuji Temple. You’ll enjoy a wonderful Buddhist-style lunch at a temple restaurant, Michelin-recommended. After lunch, acquaint yourself with the sound of bamboo leaves in the Bamboo Forest, a sound that has been included in the top 100 heritage sounds to be preserved in Japan. If you wish to spend more time in Arashiyama, then the Sagano Romantic Train is a perfect activity before returning to Kyoto. 
  • In the evening, go to the Gion district, which still retains its old-world charm. You might even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a hurried geisha. 
  • Accommodation Kyoto
Day 9 Kyoto → Osaka

The Beautiful crazy city

  • This day will be dedicated to exploring the city of Osaka, the second-largest city in Japan.
  • Dotonbori District – a commercial area, popular for its colourful lights and neon signs, will surprise you with an atmosphere unlike anything you’ve seen before.
  • Shinsekai District – the most picturesque district of the city, is the perfect place to discover Osaka’s nightlife.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to experience a cat café, a unique animal shelter where you can play with feline friends.
  • Accommodation Osaka


Day 10 Optional tour

Option 1: Universal Studios Japan

You’ll head to one of the largest amusement parks in Japan. Here, you can enjoy attractions like Harry Potter or Mario Kart. Maximum adrenaline guaranteed!

Option 2: Arima Onsen

If you prefer to unwind after a full journey and lots of walking, we recommend a day at Arima Onsen, a town with hot springs located in the north of Kobe city, not far from Osaka. You’ll definitely enjoy the atmosphere and be able to relax and experience a unique Japanese experience.

  • Accommodation Osaka


Day 11 Osaka → Home

Today you will bid farewell to Japan and head to the airport for the flight home.

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