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Maybe I’m one of those lucky people who didn’t seek out Japan, but Japan came to me. And it happened at a rather young age, around 13, when I was already learning the first words in Japanese and showing them off at school.

My first visit to Japan took place when I was 16, and it was love at first sight. Someone told me long ago that you either love this country from the start, with all its ups and downs, or you’ll never fully adapt. And as it is, with all its aspects – the fabulous traditions and a totally different culture, the skyscrapers and temples greeting you at every step, the ultra-modern trains and a society distinct from Europe – this place has become home to me.

I have been living in Japan since 2005. In my early years here, I lived in a city in the south, which brought me very close to the lifestyle of the Japanese living away from the big cities; I learned what a simple, traditional life means. In 2015, I moved to the metropolis, and the experience of the big city contributed to gaining a comprehensive perspective on Japanese society today.

I consider every tourist I accompany as a friend, and I am eager to tell them everything I have learned about Japan over all these years and to show them places that have personally impressed me. At the end of the day, I feel that by sharing my story, I have managed to make another person fall in love with Japan.

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from a young age
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since 2005
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