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Happiness is simple and inexpensive. Perhaps the first, simplest, and greatest secret of happiness is to do, as you grow up, exactly what you said when you were little. I wanted to become a traveller!

We had an aunt who travelled a lot. Her husband worked in embassies, and they would go together to various places around the world. And every time she returned, she would tell me about her experiences in the places they visited. She had a fantastic gift to transport me with her thoughts to where she had just come from. For example: when she told me about the markets in Cairo, I was in the markets of Cairo. That’s what I wanted to become too: a traveller!

And when Alina, now 14 years ago, began to tell me about Japan, about the controlled chaos of Tokyo, about the zen of Kamakura, about the streets that hide love stories from the Edo period of Kyoto, about modern samurais and geishas, who look different from their ancestors but have the same solid principles, I knew with every word I heard that Japan is one of those destinations that meets all the conditions to proudly show it to any Free Spirit traveller.

“Japan by Myself” is a special project for me, and together with the team of tourism specialists at Free Spirit Travel, passionate about travel and lovers of free spirit, I will support and put our experience at stake to ensure that every “Japan by Myself” traveller gets The best of.

Passionate about Japan:
since 2008
Managing experience in tourism:
since 2006
Visited countries:
over 30