Mihai Anghel

Tourism Consultant

Let's get acquainted!

My first interaction with what Japan means was probably in 2011-2012, when I eagerly awaited 8:00 PM to turn on the television and start watching Japanese animations on the Animax channel. That was the moment when my interest and desire to know more about Japanese culture began to grow steadily and have remained just as strong to this day.


My experience in Japan began in the fall of 2023 when I first arrived in the country, with a backpack on my back and traveling alone. I spent several months planning my itinerary, constantly adjusting it until the day I arrived in the Land of the Rising Sun. I can only share that the feeling of finally reaching the place I had dreamed of for so long, savouring traditional dishes, admiring the beauty of Japanese nature, and exploring the narrow streets of the big cities while marvelling at the architecture that blends tradition with modernity, is truly unique and unmatched.

Thanks to my hobby and passion for Japan, I joined the Japan by Myself team, a place where I can share the knowledge I have accumulated over time with other people who are equally drawn to the Land of the Rising Sun as I am.

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