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I graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Bucharest (specializing in Japanese-Hindi) and completed the master’s courses at Tokyo Gakugei University (specializing in teaching Japanese). I am passionate about travel, foreign languages, and reading.

I first came to Japan in 2000 with a one-year scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education and have been living in Tokyo since 2003.

A journey to Japan is an invitation to rediscover both externally and internally. Everywhere you can enjoy exemplary cleanliness, the kindness of people, the comfort, and punctuality of transportation.

In spring, the blooming cherry blossoms offer true spectacles – resembling trees laden with snow, when they shake it seems to snow with petals.

Among the skyscrapers are temples, immense parks, and traditional gardens – oases of relaxation to escape the hustle and bustle of an extremely crowded city. A pearl of the city is also the countless traditional restaurants that offer a unique culinary experience. The food is not only varied and aesthetically arranged in different bowls and plates but must also have that fifth taste that the Japanese have named umami (uma = tasty, mi = taste, so simply “the taste of tasty”). 

Japan has become my second home.

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