Iani Sandru

Japan Expert

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I fondly remember the school garden where I tried to phonetically repeat the songs heard in Japanese cartoons. Shaped by all the beautiful things gleaned from them, I find myself enchanted by the artists of Japanese music a few years later. Only in college, after meeting countless extraordinary people who spoke Japanese, did I decide to learn it myself. But just as the animated characters taught me, I lacked friends with whom to share all the information and ideas accumulated over time. Thus, I came to the Romanian-Japanese Studies Centre “Angela Hondru,” where my interest in Japanese culture and language reached its peak. Through the new skills cultivated there, I joined the Free Spirit Travel team, with whom I stepped for the first time into a magical realm where I never thought I would go – Japan.

Even after many guided groups, I consider myself extremely lucky every time I have the opportunity to be with someone who discovers Japan for the first time or even for repeated visits, both physically and in thought, preparing each step with great care and love.

I carry with me the smile of every traveller, happy that my passion has played at least a small role in the experienced spectacle, and I live again, with all senses activated, the walks on the narrow streets illuminated at night, the culinary experiences, the visits to temples and shrines, the explosion of colours in gardens or crowded centres, and most importantly, the sound of clinking glasses at the end of an unforgettable day.

I look forward to the beautiful moments that Japan by Myself will offer to future travellers.

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