Cristi Diaconu

Japan Expert

Let's get acquainted!

My passion for Japan began when I was young, without me even realizing it. Japanese animations captivated me, and subconsciously I began to cultivate a curiosity that only continued to grow over time.

One thing that deeply characterizes me is the pursuit of new things and taking them to a high level of performance, which I later found to fit well with the Japanese lifestyle.

Thus, in 2017, after living a year in the United States as part of the first generation of Romanian FLEX scholars, I chose to continue my university studies at the Romanian-American University. There I discovered the Romanian-Japanese Studies Centre “Angela Hondru,” and at that moment, the little spark that had been hidden in me since I was young ignited.

I began studying the Japanese language and became a volunteer at the center, which allowed me to develop many skills and try new things. Today, I lead Romania’s only Taiko (Japanese drum) troupe, practice Japanese calligraphy, and have N2-level proficiency in the Japanese language after traveling to Japan four times and living in Fukui for six months on an Erasmus+ scholarship.

In addition to my countless passions (guitar, hyper-realistic drawing, photography, graphic design, speedcubing), the master’s program in tourism that I completed was the final piece of the puzzle to bring together all my skills and fit perfectly into the Japan by Myself team.

I now find myself in a position to offer others the chance to discover the immense joy of visiting Japan, and especially to uncover its secrets and treasures.

Passionate about Japan:
since 2017
Lived in Japan:
6 months
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