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Kansai Guide

Let's get acquainted!

After graduating from University, Psychology major in Constanța, destiny brought me to Japan in 2011 with an internship in Aichi Prefecture. After the internship, I decided to stay here permanently and got a job in Tokyo where I worked for 5 years.

I didn’t enjoy corporate life, so I became a freelancer. This allowed me to travel to different cities, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. I moved every 2 years, and now I’m settled in Osaka where I live with my daughter.

I adore the Kansai area and find it the most diverse and interesting in the whole country. You can experience traditional Japan in Kyoto during the day, and then hop on a train to reach the modern city of Osaka in the evening.


Geishas, samurais, robots, and dogs, you can enjoy the Land of the Rising Sun in all its splendour depending on your passions. Whether you love history, anime, architecture or food, I can guarantee you there’s no room for boredom! You might even want to come back 10 more times! I promise!

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