Andrei Herinean

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Let's get acquainted!

I developed a passion for Japan during high school, in a somewhat unusual way – by discovering Japanese martial arts. I didn’t know much besides the fact that samurais fought with ninjas and a real katana could cut through nails and tanks, but it was a start.

My first “excursion” here was a one-year exchange experience in 2015-2016. It was truly an experience, but one year simply wasn’t enough for all the things I wanted to do. As a result, in 2018, I returned with a MEXT scholarship for a master’s program in linguistics. I now live in Kobe, the official capital of very expensive beef steak.

I enjoy many things here, starting with the food (of course) and the drinks (everyone talks about sake, but Japanese craft beer is ridiculously good). Most of all, however, I love the traditional architecture; what the Japanese do with wood and stone is absolutely incredible.

I love the tranquility of temples and gardens, the scent of incense sticks, bamboo forests in spring, and Japanese maples in autumn. I enjoy studying the history and philosophy of the place, and most importantly, I love sharing all these things with those who want to know about them.

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