Who is it for?

JBM PREMIUM is designed for those who want to explore Japan, guided step by step towards exclusive experiences. You prefer to rely on specialists, professionals and get the best out of a destination, from experiences to accommodations that offer more than just a night’s sleep. Throughout our 20 years of visiting Japan, we have sought to experience as much diversity as possible, but we must admit that the coolest experiences have been those that combine the spirit of the place with exclusive experiences.



Then, we invite you to read more about the JBM PREMIUM package and contact us for any additional details you may need.

What does the JBM PREMIUM package include?

What value does it bring? Why do I need it?

We design the travel plan together and finalise it down to the smallest detail. We are your guides both before you depart and during the journey, online.

You will have a personal coach throughout the journey process. Essentially, instead of going to the gym and having the coach tell you what to do at the beginning of the session and then leaving you, you will have a personal coach throughout the entire session, providing you with a premium experience.

Includes one hour of Japanese language learning where you will learn the words and phrases you need for your journey.

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