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JBM BASIC is designed for those travelling independently, who already have their trip planned out but seek our guidance to fine-tune every detail of their adventure in Japan.



BEST OF JBM is designed for those who wish to visit Japan independently but have not yet planned or booked their trip. They seek to have an experienced consultant by their side in this process, someone who understands cultural differences and above all, saves them time.



JBM PREMIUM is designed for those who wish to explore Japan guided by professionals from the very beginning of the planning process. All our attention and experience are focused on creating a unique journey with exclusive experiences.

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Friends group trip
Business Trip
Romantic Trip
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Small group trip

The Small Group Trip is ideal for families or a maximum of four friends who want to travel together in Japan. A small group harmonises easily, especially when you know how to juggle the day's itinerary so that all group members get what they want.

Friends group trip

The Friends Group Trip brings together friends with similar interests and desires for a journey that they can enjoy and experience together. We are the ones who listen to all of you and design an itinerary that maintains harmony throughout the journey.

Business group trip

The Business Group Trip is designed for travellers with business purposes in Japan, who also wish to explore Japanese culture and civilization. In addition to a customised itinerary and travel consultancy, we also provide you with a practical guide and useful tips for business meetings and partnership building in a society where business conduct is vastly different from the Western approach. We have experts on our team!

Self drive trip

Self-drive is recommended for driving enthusiasts and adventurers. Driving offers you the freedom to discover less accessible places, but also offers new challenges. Caution, in Japan, driving is on the left side, but that doesn't stop us from designing together an itinerary that highlights the advantages of travelling by car and eliminates any unpleasant emotions due to uncertainty and lack of clarity.

Romantic trip

A honeymoon in Japan? Why not! Japan can be romantic, exotic and intimate. A journey for two in Japan certainly brings great benefits to the couple's relationship. We have a long list of places with magical energy, exclusive hotels, restaurants where dining becomes a culinary and aesthetic experience and bars with breath-taking panoramic views.

Individual trip

Nothing is more precious than the moments spent alone on the streets of Kyoto or meditating in Japanese hot springs. A solo journey in Japan helps you rediscover yourself and even renew yourself. And when you want to share everything you see with someone, our colleagues in Japan are just a phone call away. They will accompany you and share their experience with great openness. In the end, you'll surely have at least one good friend in Japan.